The Tavan Bogd Group has opened the "Galleria Ulaanbaatar" center in the heart of the capital and has officially opened its official opening on November 15th.
Tavan Bogd Group President Ts. Baatarsaikhan, Vice President Ms. D. Khulan, Ambassadors, Arts and Culture representatives, partners and customer representatives attended the opening ceremony.
Known to us, this historic monument was created in 1929 and today it opened with the unique modern architecture and is a 3-story complex with 10,152 m2 space.

One of the most important parts of this building is the world's largest cashmere store, 2500 m2 combined with Gobi and Goyo, which is a unique solution to attract customers and foreign tourists.

What are some of the shopping centers in the Galleria in Ulaanbaatar?

On the first floor, there is GOBI and GOYO brand store which is the world’s largest cashmere clothing store.

Also, on the 1st floor Pizza Hut international chain restaurant opens its first restaurant branch. The specialty of this restaurant is to serve a variety of dishes, salads, cocktails and wine, besides pizza. There are also KFC international chain restaurants Eco design branch, international airline ticket agency Airlink Mongolia and coffee house chain Caffe Bene.

On the second floor, there is a Khan bank business center. Also, a “Souvenir store” has opened to promote local businesses and to attract foreign tourists

The Nagomi Japanese Sushi Restaurant has expanded its operations and operating at the Galleria Ulaanbaatar Shopping center.

On the 3rd floor, the Little Sheep hot pot restaurant has opened a 460-seat restaurant, one of the world's largest hot pot restaurant branch.
By opening Galleria Ulaanbaatar Shopping center in the center of Ulaanbaatar and Tavan Bogd Group has created over 500 new jobs.

In general, the opening of the Galleria Ulaanbaatar Shopping Center is the perfect opportunity to provide tourists with a world-class service throughout the year.

The Tavan Bogd Group is welcoming you to the Galleria Ulaanbaatar Shopping Center.