Social responsibility

Extended helping hands to the Heroic brothers

Mamy Poko brand helped brave and fearless 16 years old young man Tserentogtokh whose heroic act saved his 8 months old brother’s life from a house gas tank explosion. As a result, the younger brother only suffered from a face and left hand burn whilst Tserentogtokh had 80% of his body burnt. When we arrived at the clinic, younger brother’s condition was showing positive progress however Tserentogtokh’s condition still remained critical and approximately 400 million Tugrug is needed for his upcoming surgeries in overseas hospital says the mother.
Mamy Poko brand has ultimate mission to spread goodwill to children as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns and this we donated 8 months use of Mamy Poko diapers to the younger brother and contributed to the fundraising program for his elder brother.
We wish all the best to the young boy and his brother Tserentogtokh, whose daring courage and heroism saved not only his brother’s life but also showed absolute example to the community.