In the 2017 annual ranking of “TOP-1OO” business entities in the country by the government of Mongolia and the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 5 of Tavan Bogd Group’s subsidiary and affiliate companies were included and won awards. The Group’s affiliates and subsidiaries had the following results: our affiliate, the leader in the financial industry of Mongolia, Khan Bank placed at 3rd, while the GOBI JSC, also an affiliate and one of the biggest 5 manufacturers of cashmere products in the world, placed at 18th, the Support Services Mongolia (SSM), a joint-venture of the Group and also one of the largest integrated logistics and catering companies in the country, placed at 46th, the Tavan Bogd LLC, a subsidiary and the official distributor of the world-famous Toyota Corporation, placed at 55th and the Ulaanbaatar Flour LLC, also a subsidiary and a dominant player in the flour production industry of Mongolia, placed at 84th in this year’s rankings.      The ranking takes specific considerations such annual sales revenues, total company assets and profits, number of employees and taxes paid to the government into consideration. Placing high in this year’s rankings, this marks Tavan Bogd Group and its affiliated and subsidiary companies’ 16-year-long consecutive ranking in the TOP-100 business entities of Mongolia. This illustrates the immense contributions the Tavan Bogd Group makes towards Mongolia’s economic and social development as well as its important role as a trusted partner and service provider to its customers.       Thankful for the conferral and acknowledgement, the Tavan Bogd Group will strive to continue to operate successfully and further to contribute to the nation’s future development.

Amarok has been inspected

Off-road testing of Amarok required a group of 18 men to use 6 Volkswagen trucks to complete the almost 15,000 km trek. While they are visiting Ulaanbaatar city, they passed the Volkswagen Service to check the cars and they continued their tour.  

Mamy Poko diapers to be reinvented

Unicharm, Japan’s leading producer of sanitary products, designed new type of diapers with unique features only for Mongolian infants. New diapers have higher absorption power even after long time of usage and fit better on baby’s body.

Manufacturing Udon noodle.

Chefs of Tavan Bogd Washyoku started making its own Udon noodle. The Udon making machine was imported from Japan and the reason that they are producing the Udon is to keep their customers fully satisfied by serving them with fresh Udon noodle every day. Tavan Bogd Washyoku believes that it makes them different than any other Japanese restaurant in Mongolia. The biggest advantage of the Udon is that it does not contain any chemical substances in it and has natural taste. Udon is the best choice of the people who are willing to have healthy foods. You can have the real healthy Udon noodle at multiple locations such as Sakura, Nagomi and Mirage restaurants.

Ulaanbaatar Print prints ballot paper

Hard-working employees of Ulaanbaatar Print successfully supplied ballot paper for national election. It previously used to be produced and imported from China and Korea. Congratulations to our team for great effort to replace foreign imports with domestic production.

Pizza hut organizes Pizza parade

Our Pizza hut team successfully organized a Pizza Parade that took place from September 10-17, 2016. All of the employees have participated in the parade, including Ms. Hulan, CEO of Tavan Bogd Foods Pizza LLC.