Toyota is ranked sixth in the best global brands, also it was named No. 1 most valuable automotive brand.



Volkwagen brand is offering German quality to Mongolian costumers.



Yum! Brands, Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky, has about 38,000 restaurants in 120 countries. Yum! Brands is ranked #213 on the Fortune 500 list.


Pizza hut

Pizza Hut, the world’s #1 Pizza chain restaurant has 15.000 restaurants in 100 countries.



Bridgestone Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of tires. And it has 140 factories in 24 countries and territories. Also one in every five cars has Bridgestone’s tires


Juulchin LLC

The first travel company to be established in Mongolia.


Nagomi sushi restaurant

Two branches of Kaiten sushi, also called sushi-go-round, restaurant has been successfully established since 2010.


Colgate Palmolive

Colgate brand is consistently placed in the list of 50 Best Global Brand by Interbrand



Xerox is an American brand, that is the leader brand in document technology product. 



TOTO was ranked 28th Best Brand in Japan, TOTO brand is the first choice of its kind


Mirage restaurant

Mirage restaurant is an exclusive venue for hosting all kinds of events, meetings, trainings and workshops.



Heinz manufactures more than 5700 products and markets them in more than 200 countries and territories.


Khan Bank

“Khan Bank” is the largest commercial bank in Mongolia with 512 branches.



Gobi is globally-recognized Mongolian brand, which supplies 40% of world’s cashmere.

Double A

Double A paper is eco-friendly product that is made from specially farmed tree.


Mamy Poko

Best-selling Mamy Poko diapers is the most favorable for babies.



Heavy mining equipment production of Hitachi brand accounts for 45% of its total supply in the world. The equipment is well known for its Japanese high quality and technical warranty maintenance.


Ulaanbaatar Flour

“Ulaanbaatar Flour”, which is made from wheat planted and harvested from Mongolian steppe, is healthy product.



We have opened two boutiques in Central Tower and Ulaanbaatar Department Store as an official distributor of the exclusive French brand L’Occitane.


Kempinski Khan Palace

Kempinski Khan Palace has started its hotel operation right after signing on the cooperation agreement with Kempinski.  



Russian Bunge has been operating successfully since 1818 and becoming globally-recognized company with over 35,000 employees.


Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil, a subsidiary of Royal Appliance International, is the first company to manufacture Vacuum Cleaner.



#1 dairy product


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