Social responsibility

It is Ulaanbaatar Flour LLC’s annual tradition to give away its product prior to the Mongolian Traditional Holiday, Lunar New Year, as heartwarming gifts to the disadvantaged people. This year the company gave away total of 500kg flour to 100 people with impaired vision at the Mongolian National Federation of the Blind. Also, together with a non-government organization “Good Cause Activity” (Ариун санааны үйлс), supporting its humanitarian activities, Tavan Bogd Trade LLC selected 15 disabled elders to give Ulaanbaatar flour for the traditional holiday. The recipients expressed their gratitude and thanked the group of people who come and visit each year to give away for good cause reminding again that they had inspired by their heart-warming actions.

The Tavan Bogd International LLC congratulates to the 3,000,000th Mongolian citizen, Mongoljingoo and granted six month worth of Mamy Poko brand product, and presented voucher of MNT500,000 to purchase consumers items from Tavan Bogd International company. congratulated to Mongolian 3rd million citizen and granted by mamy poko for 6 month usage and 500,000₮ vouchers to get products from Tavan Bogd International company.

Mamy Poko brand donated their products to over 40 children of “Burn treatment center” who are under 4 years old, on 28th of May. Mamy Poko brand promised to expand their co-operation with all medical institutions to make healthy environment for children, mothers and infants. 

The L’occitane brand of Mongolia is decided to use 3% of total net profit for social welfare from its inception in 2010, as initiated by Ms D. Khulan the Vice President of Tavan Bogd Group. Within this framework, L’occitane brand mainly focused on environment and ecological equilibrium during first several years, and since 2014, we are working as a direction of Global L’occitane brand, supporting 116th school which is visually impaired children school. 

Tavan Bogd Co., Ltd made contract to work together as a sponsor as their  “Notebook with knowledge” brand with  “Hisory of Norov” drama which is a very sentential drama for children. The “Hisory of Norov” drama was dramatized first time on stage of the Mongolian State Academic Theater of Drama on 4th of September. In the drama, little boy Norov will turn into a very good boy with the help of knowledgeable notebook.

Tavan Bogd International Co., Ltd organized health training for high school teenage girls on November. The purpose of the training is to give advice for physical and psychological changes and health problems. The training involved 1,252 teenage girls from 5 secondary schools in Ulaanbaatar.  Active participants were awarded by Sofy brand's gift. As a trainer, Ph.D., head of the 1st Maternity Hospital and quality of support and care center Ms. Munkhzul taught lesson by "Who is the clever girl?" "How to cue?" topics and gave advice, discussed topics together. 16 year old student Namuun "I really enjoyed, and I have found answers to my problem. "