Social responsibility

Mamy Poko brand helped brave and fearless 16 years old young man Tserentogtokh whose heroic act saved his 8 months old brother’s life from a house gas tank explosion. As a result, the younger brother only suffered from a face and left hand burn whilst Tserentogtokh had 80% of his body burnt. When we arrived at the clinic, younger brother’s condition was showing positive progress however Tserentogtokh’s condition still remained critical and approximately 400 million Tugrug is needed for his upcoming surgeries in overseas hospital says the mother. Mamy Poko brand has ultimate mission to spread goodwill to children as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns and this we donated 8 months use of Mamy Poko diapers to the younger brother and contributed to the fundraising program for his elder brother. We wish all the best to the young boy and his brother Tserentogtokh, whose daring courage and heroism saved not only his brother’s life but also showed absolute example to the community.

Warm greetings to all mothers. Tavan Bogd International LLC Mamy Poko brand attends “Child Care” campaign every month, this time the company cooperated with students from department of Administration of University of the Art and Culture donated Mamy Poko diapers for children with brain and spinal paralysis of kindergarten No. 10. The kindergarten is the only organization that welcomes children with special care in Mongolia and currently 120 children are being looked after of which most of them are in need of diapers. Due to the lack of self-dependence and physical development it requires nursing and diapers even if they are over diaper-wearing age.. Director Buyanjargal of kindergarten appreciates to Mamy Poko staff for helping and she appeals to all mothers who would want to help the special need children and welcome at any time.

Within the framework of “Child Care” monthly campaign , Tavan Bogd International LLC offered a helping hand to a single mother raising 4 children, including twins by donating 5 month  use of Mamy Poko diapers. The campaign was held on 14th, March, 2015, and Ms. Darkhanchimeg expressed her gratitude and thanked the project team.

It is Ulaanbaatar Flour LLC’s annual tradition to give away its product prior to the Mongolian Traditional Holiday, Lunar New Year, as heartwarming gifts to the disadvantaged people. This year the company gave away total of 500kg flour to 100 people with impaired vision at the Mongolian National Federation of the Blind. Also, together with a non-government organization “Good Cause Activity” (Ариун санааны үйлс), supporting its humanitarian activities, Tavan Bogd Trade LLC selected 15 disabled elders to give Ulaanbaatar flour for the traditional holiday. The recipients expressed their gratitude and thanked the group of people who come and visit each year to give away for good cause reminding again that they had inspired by their heart-warming actions.

The Tavan Bogd International LLC congratulates to the 3,000,000th Mongolian citizen, Mongoljingoo and granted six month worth of Mamy Poko brand product, and presented voucher of MNT500,000 to purchase consumers items from Tavan Bogd International company. congratulated to Mongolian 3rd million citizen and granted by mamy poko for 6 month usage and 500,000₮ vouchers to get products from Tavan Bogd International company.

Mamy Poko brand donated their products to over 40 children of “Burn treatment center” who are under 4 years old, on 28th of May. Mamy Poko brand promised to expand their co-operation with all medical institutions to make healthy environment for children, mothers and infants.