Social responsibility

We organized Pizza Making day at Pizza Hut Zaisan store by randomly choosing from the followers of Pizza Hut Mongolia Facebook. Kids have made their own personal pizza and had their parents taste it. Kids had a great day with clown and had so much fun all day long. If you would like to know more details about the next event, please visit our Facebook page at 

KFC organized the event named “Family day” at KFC Kharkhorin store on 11th of June to make kids happy. Both kids and parents had a great day at KFC. Our KFC team brought all the fun to Family Day with their Puppet Theatre performance and other great entertainments for the day. Parents were so happy to watch their kids smiling. If you would like to know about the next surprise from KFC, please visit our Facebook page at for more detailed information.

Happier kids are more likely to turn into successful and accomplished adults. How do you make your kids happy? Our kids are pretty busy with schoolwork and extracurricular activities. We usually ask our kids whether they are done with their homework or not, but we rarely ask our kids what he or she wants. If you have ever asked about their wants, what was the response? According to a survey, they just want to spend some fun and quality time with their families. But the question is: Where is the most fun place for a family to hang out? KFC, the best fried chicken spot in the town, organized “Family day” every second Saturday of the month. KFC provides Puppet Theatre performances, all kinds of competitions and other entertainment activities. When parents watch their kids smiling and giggling, it makes them happiest people. Please visit our Facebook page at KFC Facebook to get to know more about the event.

Mamy Poko brand helped brave and fearless 16 years old young man Tserentogtokh whose heroic act saved his 8 months old brother’s life from a house gas tank explosion. As a result, the younger brother only suffered from a face and left hand burn whilst Tserentogtokh had 80% of his body burnt. When we arrived at the clinic, younger brother’s condition was showing positive progress however Tserentogtokh’s condition still remained critical and approximately 400 million Tugrug is needed for his upcoming surgeries in overseas hospital says the mother. Mamy Poko brand has ultimate mission to spread goodwill to children as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns and this we donated 8 months use of Mamy Poko diapers to the younger brother and contributed to the fundraising program for his elder brother. We wish all the best to the young boy and his brother Tserentogtokh, whose daring courage and heroism saved not only his brother’s life but also showed absolute example to the community.

Warm greetings to all mothers. Tavan Bogd International LLC Mamy Poko brand attends “Child Care” campaign every month, this time the company cooperated with students from department of Administration of University of the Art and Culture donated Mamy Poko diapers for children with brain and spinal paralysis of kindergarten No. 10. The kindergarten is the only organization that welcomes children with special care in Mongolia and currently 120 children are being looked after of which most of them are in need of diapers. Due to the lack of self-dependence and physical development it requires nursing and diapers even if they are over diaper-wearing age.. Director Buyanjargal of kindergarten appreciates to Mamy Poko staff for helping and she appeals to all mothers who would want to help the special need children and welcome at any time.

Within the framework of “Child Care” monthly campaign , Tavan Bogd International LLC offered a helping hand to a single mother raising 4 children, including twins by donating 5 month  use of Mamy Poko diapers. The campaign was held on 14th, March, 2015, and Ms. Darkhanchimeg expressed her gratitude and thanked the project team.