Social responsibility

Ulaanbaatar Flour LLC, a major national manufacturer, was established in 2001. In 2012, the company established 5-storey factory with computer management system and vertical technology in Darkhan City Industrial Zone. The new factory is capable of milling 300-ton wheat mill with the equipment of Alapala company of Turkey. At Ulaanbaatar Flour LLC, our mission is to be the leading industry providing quality products and delivering the most favorable price and value products to the market, providing the intellectual and financial needs of our employees and contributing significantly to social development. We also work to provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment and provide jobs that are available to enhance their professional skills. In this regard, we have built 70 housing units with the cooperation with Bayan Bridge LLC construction company in Darkhan-Uul province. We have awarded the keys to 35 employees of the company who are well-executed, highly-motivated and highly respected in the company.

“The National Day of Tree Planting” has been organized since 2010 on the Saturday of second week of May and October every year. This year, the National Day of Tree Planting was on the 12th of May. At the National Tree Planting Day, the employees of Tavan Bogd Group planted 1,000 trees at the "Goyo" LLC garden. The employees planted seedlings in 190 areas with professional gardening guidelines and spent the weekend creatively. Let's love and protect our mother nature.

Pizza Hut brand donated 1,000 books for the scholars of School 127.  Although there is a library, the library's books and supplies were not enough. Pizza hut brand has started #1SHARE, 500₮ challenge to provide the school and its students with enough books and supplies. There were about 2,000 shares on Facebook and Pizza hut has given books that are worth 1,000,000₮ to the school. Thanks to our customers who have joined the #Pizzahutbook challenge.

We organized Pizza Making day at Pizza Hut Zaisan store by randomly choosing from the followers of Pizza Hut Mongolia Facebook. Kids have made their own personal pizza and had their parents taste it. Kids had a great day with clown and had so much fun all day long. If you would like to know more details about the next event, please visit our Facebook page at 

KFC organized the event named “Family day” at KFC Kharkhorin store on 11th of June to make kids happy. Both kids and parents had a great day at KFC. Our KFC team brought all the fun to Family Day with their Puppet Theatre performance and other great entertainments for the day. Parents were so happy to watch their kids smiling. If you would like to know about the next surprise from KFC, please visit our Facebook page at for more detailed information.

Happier kids are more likely to turn into successful and accomplished adults. How do you make your kids happy? Our kids are pretty busy with schoolwork and extracurricular activities. We usually ask our kids whether they are done with their homework or not, but we rarely ask our kids what he or she wants. If you have ever asked about their wants, what was the response? According to a survey, they just want to spend some fun and quality time with their families. But the question is: Where is the most fun place for a family to hang out? KFC, the best fried chicken spot in the town, organized “Family day” every second Saturday of the month. KFC provides Puppet Theatre performances, all kinds of competitions and other entertainment activities. When parents watch their kids smiling and giggling, it makes them happiest people. Please visit our Facebook page at KFC Facebook to get to know more about the event.