Our life in Tavan Bogd Group

Success of the Tavan Bogd Group’s the result of the strong commitment of all employees. We are proud of with our talented, energetic and professional colleagues.

Why choose the Tavan Bogd Group?

  • The Tavan Bogd Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Mongolia with a business portfolio, which is expanding at a rapid pace.
  • Our company is proud of providing our employees with industry-leading compensation packages as well as a positive work environment.
  • We furthermore put a strong emphasis on the personal and professional development of our staff and offer extensive and regular training and educational programs.

The Tavan Bogd Group provides benefits and supplements the base salary with multiple incentives and bonuses such as:

  • Coupons

    Employees who have worked for more than 3 months are eligible to receive coupons with a specific value on a monthly basis. The coupon is a voucher with a monetary value (MNT 20,000 to MNT 100,000) which can be exchanged for goods and services of subsidiary companies of the Tavan Bogd Group.

  • Allowances

    The Tavan Bogd Group subsidizes lunch expenses, cell phone payments and provides free transportation to the employees’ workplace.

  • Insurance

    Employees of the Group are fully covered by social insurance and health insurance as well as accident insurance depending on the work environment of the employee.

  • Awards

    The Group awards employees who have excelled in their assignments and consistently performed exceptionally. Potential awards are travel vouchers to foreign countries, products and services of the Tavan Bogd Group and its subsidiaries and cash bonuses.

  • Allowance/Aid

    The Tavan Bogd Group provides subsidies and aid payments to unexpected burdens or issues such as marriage, newborns, accidents and illness.

  • Bank loan

    The Tavan Bogd Group provides low-interest loans and mortgages to well-performing employees. Employees can also apply for a low-interest salary loan to solve short-term financial challenges. The Tavan Bogd Group is a proud shareholder of Khan Bank, the largest and most profitable commercial bank in Mongolia and is happy to share the benefits with all of its dedicated employees.

  • Kindergarten

    Our group has a close relationship with kindergarten number 46 which is located near our head office in Khan-Uul district.

  • Health

    We cover a free full pre-examination of all our employees to preemptively discover and prevent illness.

  • Sport/Gym

    The Tavan Bogd Group provides sports facilities for our employees to play basketball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis.