Khan Bank

“Khan Bank” is the largest commercial bank in Mongolia with 512 branches.


Galleria Ulaanbaatar

"Galleria Ulaanbaatar" is a shopping centre that locates in the heart of the capital city.


Gobi Cashmere is a globally-recognized Mongolian brand and world’s #1 cashmere coat company.

Goyo cashmere

Goyo is #2 cashmere producer in Mongolia with 10 boutique stores globally

Ulaanbaatar Flour

“Ulaanbaatar Flour”, which is made from wheat plant and harvested from the Mongolian steppe, is the healthy product.


Toyota is ranked seventh in the best global brands, also it was named No. 1 most valuable automotive brand.



Yum! Brands, Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky, has about 38,000 restaurants in 120 countries. Yum! Brands are ranked #213 on the Fortune 500 list.


Pizza hut

Pizza Hut, the world’s #1 Pizza chain restaurant that has 15.000 restaurants in over 100 countries.